Japanese kitchen knives

Top grade ZDP-189 blade, G-10 handle kitchen knife, Gyuto(Butcher).
This kitchen knife is good for chef too.

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Item code number: 11632

Shiden Issen ZDP-189 G-10 Gyuto SERVAL CAT ver

retail price: US$ 410
Shipment date : later than 1 month
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Blade Material: ZDP-189 (Solid)
Handle Material: G-10
O.A.L.: Overall 305mm(12")/Blade length 187mm(7.36") thickness 2.3mm
Weight: 170g (6oz.)

Code: 11632
Leather sheath *Sold separately*

ZDP-189 blade

Carbon handle with paw pad dimples

Very cute shape.

Wood box

With wood box which is written 紫電一閃(Shiden Issen) .

Shipping estimate

We will need 1-2 months for shipment.
We will send you e-mail if more delay.

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