History of Seki City

Current Seki City was the final destination of a small group of swordsmiths who got away from the capital spreading out of the war during the Kamakura era (1185-1333)..

Kamakura era is also thought to be a sort of a trigger period to lead warring time (Sengoku-jidai) which started from 1543.

Their final destination fortunately had a plenty of high quality soil, charcoal and water that are indispensable factors for sword making.
Coupled with the establishment of their original forging & hardening process, the reputation of the high quality swords made in Seki has spread all over the country. Productivity also dramatically increased.

When warring states period(Sengoku-Jidai) was over, the demand for weapon faded out.
The technology of sword making, however, has survived in the production of tools & blades for agriculture and forestry.

The essence of our predecessors' skill and spirit is condensed in this simple phrase "Tough and sharp and dependable".  While coping with the changes of times, it has been passed through the Meiji Restoration and been successfully inherited by the knife industry in Seki City that has fused it with advanced technologies in modern times.

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