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We have the pleasure to have this opportunity to ship our high quality products to you directly from our factory.

G.Sakai was a small knife maker when it was founded under the name "Sakai Hamono" in 1958. It has sought a way of its originality while contributing greatly for the progress of the knife industry in Seki City.

Having been greatly inspired by Gerber Legendary Blades in USA, G.Sakai has challenged the pinnacle of the world knife industry.

In 1977, Sakai Hamono has finally entered into a technical tie-up with GLB after long efforts and hard work. The success on the production of the Silver Knight series, of which sales recorded more than a million pieces for a decade, is thought to be a milestone in the history of world knife industry.

Sakai Hamono changed the name to G.Sakai Co., Ltd. in 1982.
Since then Sakai has continued expanding the line of the original products under the brand name while working on various O.E.M. projects offered from many customers all over the world.

We would like to thank you for your continued interest in our products.

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Yuhei Sakai

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